More Police on the streets

Thanks largely to government initiative, we are putting 20,000 police on our streets across the country.

As it stands, there is a requirement from ministers to use long-held reserves for increased police numbers.

Humberside police had around £30 million in reserves in 2016.

The Humber region now has over 2000 police officers. The question I am asked regularly is, “But where are they”?

I will be exploring this question with the Chief and using the police budget to support a more visible police force, not just in person but virtually as well and I will be making funds available to the Chief to meet these ends.

Maintain strong support for victims of crime.

Victims of crime are at the forefront of my thinking as they are close to my heart, I have been a victim, my wife and daughter have both been victims of crime and a significant part of my ward work as a councillor focuses on this.

I will look for additional funding to assist in this endeavour and look to work with partners and charities to push this agenda along with the restorative justice programme.     

Professional Police Training

Within my police budget and my crime plan I want the police to have the best training and resource available to them and will endeavour to support the police in these aims.