Making reporting crime easier

There are several concerns here, the 101 system still causes residents great difficulty in reporting crime, many residents have lost confidence in this system and no longer bother reporting crime. This in turn leads to reduced crime figures and resources being applied in those areas. A vicious circle.

Another issue is the present PCC’s failure to replace this old and troublesome IT system, with a new one. This has been long promised and with funds thrown at it - but which has failed to be delivered, I have asked this question many times in my capacity as Chair of the Police and Crime Panel.

I will be delivering on a new fit for purpose system for the 101 reporting and funds will be available in my budget, I will also be mounting a multimedia initiative to restore confidence in crime reporting.

In addition, as a councillor, I attend Neighbourhood Action teams and have chaired a scrutiny panel that oversees these teams. I am constantly disappointed by the priority by which these teams seem to be viewed by the police and PCC, and therefore will be discussing with the Chief how these can be given more priority. If more senior personnel could attend, the police would have a better understanding of community issues and those people would be better placed to feed back into the resource requirements of a community.

I will be making provision in the police budget to satisfy these needs.